Dive Bar Selfies

Because Local Neighborhood Bars are Awesome!

Everyone Loves a Selfie!

Okay, maybe not every single person, but surely a majority do. It’s fun, harmless, and is a great memory keeper. We decided to dedicate this page, and maybe some more future projects, on the quintessential Dive Bar Selfie.

There’s a form below for uploading your selfie and after a little bit of magic, your photo should show up within 24 hours. Don’t let a moment pass you by, get your Dive Bar Selfie on, and show us your stuff. Add your names if you’d like, or something else you’d like to say (keep it friendly please).


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Let us know where you're uploading from and who is in the photo. Allow up to 24 hours for your photo to show up.

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woman and three men taking a selfie