Clearwater’s Sultry Little
Dive Bar Dance Club…

With a Weekend DJ and Internet Jukebox, Razzel’s is “The Dance Club Near Me”

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Extended Weekend Dance Club with Live DJ

► Thursday, Friday, & Saturday from 10pm – 3am

► Top 40 Hits of Country, Pop Rock and Rock

Karaoke Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday from 9:30pm to 1:30am

Dive Bar: A neighborhood bar where local residents gather to drink & socialize

Dive Bar Dance Club Takes a Bow

Best explained in the definition of a Dive Bar, Bucket List Bars says:

Let’s face it; dive bars are probably one of society’s accidentally-created best things ever. In reality, they’re simply neighborhood places that serve cheap drinks and have no-nonsense attitudes. These are the places that pretty much say, “don’t F*** with anyone here and everything’s fine.”


Their drinks are simple, you can be left alone to drink or talk in private, and d-bags aren’t welcome. But that’s not all there is to them. Dive bars have that something special that make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in.


Home is Where You Dive

The Online Etymology Dictionary dates the first usage of the term “Dive” at circa 1871 in America. Bars were often underground or in basement establishments; hence the term “dive” into.

Razzel’s Bar & Lounge is proud to be one of Florida’s Dive Bars. Good people, good prices, good fun.


Internet Juke Box

We live in the Internet Age and when it comes to finding music, we’re lucky and grateful! With hundreds of thousands of songs at your fingertips, who wouldn’t love TouchTunes® Internet Juke Box.

There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.

– Vicki Baum

Signature Nights

“Happy Hour” as a practice of gathering during a prescribed time for entertainment, has its roots in womens’ social clubs of the late 1800s. Adopted by the Navy in the early 1900s, it was a time for people to meet, smoke, have a cocktail, and engage in sports.

At Razzel’s Bar & Lounge, our “Happy Hour” goes on all day from 1pm – 10pm with our normally low prices, and into a some nights. With specials going on most days, you’ll always find a good deal, a comfy place to meet friends, and great atmosphere.

No matter your reason for stopping by, just make sure you stop by!